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Data Cleansing

In datawarehouse projects, Data cleansing and Data Quality are essential processes.

Have you thought about using Relavance associative data warehouse tools to clean data efficiently?

data cleansing.jpeg

Relavance tools help with the following:

  • Importing is just a few clicks away and without data modeling, etc.

  • Merging data is very easy because of the atomic storage and associative modeling.

  • Validation of data is very easy to do.

  • Data improvement is easy to do.  When right-clicking on data it is possible to rename. Every associated data will also be changed all at once, whether one or one million.

  • Data deduplication is standard because of the atomic storage of data.

  • Standardization and normalization are in the toolset because by default all data is normalized in the Nth normal form.

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