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GDPR Proof


GDPR-Security by design

Without coding and when connecting datasets, security is applied by default.
A pattern recognition system is set up in hours.


Relavance stores its information atomically. Each data atom (we call it 'concept'), can be authorized. In traditional systems, you are allowed to see everything except what you are not allowed to see.

In Relavance: you are allowed only what you need to see. Once a concept is blocked (default) - because of the atomic nature - you can not see this info in associative queries, screens, reports, etc. It is just not there for you.


With AML, Game Fraud, etc implementations: It is GDPR-save to do pattern searches by data scientist and other specialists and only authorized personnel is allowed to see sensitive names etc for further investigation.

With medical research: sensitive and non-sensitive data is separated by design.

Do you know a system that can do this?

Encryption to the max

There is 3-tier dynamic encryption in Relavance.

1. Associative container/database level.

2. All concepts are encrypted.

3. All associations (links) and patterns between concepts are encrypted.

Data security is based on 128-bit, 48,000 factorial multi-key indexing. It is unbreakable. Additional security enhancement for sign-on and password possible via Authenware.

Tested by the US Navy

In addition to having been deployed and tested by the U.S. NAVY as unbreakable, the system uses mathematical encryption (not certificate).

There is NO way, no backdoor, no nothing to retrieve your information once the general password is lost.

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