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‘Relavance KYC’ is an Augmented Intelligence-enabled application that uses comprehensive Associative Database techniques to provide a customer centric platform for KYC purposes. 

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It is essential to have a 360-degree view of your customers along with insightful analytics and intelligent reports related to customers’ buying history, preferences, behaviors, etc., all from a single and easy-to-use dashboard. It helps you leverage the power of intelligent customer information and insights to skyrocket your sales and marketing.

These are the fundamentals for our FinTech CRM Solution for banking/insurance. Avoid data duplication and empower your marketing and salespeople to work in a much smarter and faster way. With a unified customer data hub, everyone is set to become more efficient and productive. Further, with instant and on-the-go access to a pool of sales and customer information, your sales and marketing people are well-equipped to sell in a much smarter and effective manner.

Customer challenges

Current CRM solutions for Banking/Insurance can not handle these challenges:

  • Ingest data from different format sources and locations

  • It is time-consuming to model the data, link data, define and detect patterns

  • Store and analyze huge datasets (e.g. combining multiple data lakes)

  • Time-consuming managing GDPR, encryption, and data lineage

  • Analyze data that can not be moved across borders/countries

  • Real Data discovery

Relavance CRM solution

With ‘Relavance CRM we deliver a range of key essentials for supporting these companies: 

  • Automated collection of all sorts of data 

  • Automatically association of datastreams 

  • Pre-defined pattern recognition and self-learning functions

  • Pre-defined dashboards

  • Simply but the powerful pattern and data discovery and reporting

Why is working with Relavance software different?

Relavance Fintech solutions offers its solutions based on the worldwide patented (and granted) associative core technology. This technology has characteristics that are not seen in other software.

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