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Relavance Data Cleansing & ETL

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USP’s Data Virtuality

For ETL and data cleansing we use Data Virtuality as a productivity tool to better prepare the data for the associative Relavance database.


All features and descriptions in the factsheet ‘Data-Virtuality-Technical-Data-Sheet-v1.1’ apply to the uniqueness of the DV product.

From our experience we highlight some elements that stand out:

  • Use Data Virtuality for rapid prototyping and development. Because there is no need to generate physical tables and need to process them, you can rapidly design and develop your transformations. You can analyze the results instantly and make agile changes. This saves you a lot of time (Data Virtualization).

  • With DV you can define single DV-SQL queries to combine data from different sources simultaneously (Data Federation).

  • When for performance reason you need to materialize the data, this means no re-work. Just tell DV which jobs and steps you want to be materialized, and it will happen.

  • With DV you only need to know 1 language; For queries against all sources and you have functions to perform amazing transformations.

  • You can setup with a single click, Audit, and log-files for governance purposes, included historicization (slowly changing dimensions).

  • The Self-learning Performance Optimization Engine analyzes data and the data sources’ statistics as well as the relevance of the query and recognizes performance bottlenecks.

  • Installation of DV (Cloud or on-premise) takes just minutes.

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